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Q: I have a real fear of stitches and I’m worried about tearing. Please help!


A: You are not alone in your fears. Even though 90 percent of women suffer some sort of trauma down there, it could be just a tiny graze that won’t need stitches. Even if you do tear, you won’t always need stitches, as a small wound will heal on its own. If you do need them, you’ll be given a local anesthetic so you won’t feel anything and the stitches will dissolve later of their own accord. So many women worry about this, but if it does happen you probably won’t even be aware of it as you’ll be too preoccupied.

To help avoid tearing, try perineal massage (from 34weeks) by inserting your thumb 2-3cm into your vagina and applying pressure on the perineum (the area between the opening of your vagina and anus) for about a minute, stretching and massaging it with olive oil.






Source: Practical Parenting & Pregnancy

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