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Today’s employers seem to want more of our time than ever. How can you keep up with your always-on career and still find time to do what you need to do at home, spend time with your family, enjoy some kind of social life, and just plain relax. Here are five too strategies that you can adopt.


  1. Budget your time both in and out of the office. Schedule your time effectively at work and put yourself on your calendar, taking some time for you and your family and friends.


  1. Leave work on time at least 3 days per week. There are times when working late can’t be helped, but try to schedule your time so that you can get away at a reasonable hour.


  1. Control interruptions and distractions. Stay focused while in the office and try to schedule a block of time during the day without meetings, so that you can focus on your tasks with minimal interruptions.


  1. Explore availability of flexi time. If available within your organization, it may be a helpful solution to fitting your personal tasks and appointments into your work day.


  1. Seize the weekend. Plan your time off as you plan your work week. Schedule activities with family, a weekend trip, or just something fun. Make your time away from work count.


Is this something that might work for you? Do you have other ideas that might help create a balance? Please share in the comment section.


  1. Chuks says:

    I like the article but to be able to create a work/life balance, you need to first define your version of work/life balance because the topic is very subjective. For married people for example, it is important to talk to your partner about how you want to define your lives together. Do you plan to have kids? How will you manage the demands of parenting on your time if you both work full time? Will one of you focus on his/her career while the other takes care of the home front? More often than not, you will find that your partner holds drastically different views on the subject. Some people actually think that parenting is all about making babies and leaving them to the care of house-helps while they pursue their careers but you wouldn’t know until you have this important conversation.

    • Admin says:

      Thank you Chuks. For couples, you cannot create a balance independent of your partner especially if you live together. Both parties have to be in agreement for it to work.

  2. Arefo says:

    Only if Lagos Traffic would permit us to stick to these strategies and plans……lol. ….am you feeling me on this one

  3. Itunu says:

    Also, learn to delegate. You don’t have to do everythibg yourself. you can get someone to go to the market for you.

  4. Itunu says:

    Learn to rest during the weekends. Declutter your weekends. you dont have to attend all the social functions you’re invited to. sometimes, your monetary contributions towards some engagements will prove more valuable than your presence.

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