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Happy New Month Winning Moms, I hope we enjoyed the Workers Day holiday. I spent the early part of mine in church as Living Faith Church aka Winners chapel clocked 35 years yesterday and we had an awesome celebration in church. I spent the rest of the day visiting and chatting with friends. And guess what! I discovered that we actually have quite a number of fathers reading this blog. Hmmm! I’ve considered renaming the blog to something like “Winningparentsdiary” Lol. But naaaaaaah, that doesn’t sound nice at all. Anyway, I decided to welcome them and give them a sense of belonging on the blog by using a picture of a father and a son as feature image for this article. So to all fathers, you’re welcome and please keep reading.


All parents long for a loving bond with their children. Here are eight tried and tested ways to stay connected to your kids.

  1. Make Family Your Top Priority: Close families get that way because they have chosen to make family life their priority. If you decide your kids come before your job or activities, you will find that all the other pieces of parenting fall into place, and you would have made the most correct decision of your life.
  2. Take Time To Be With Your Kids: There is no substitute for spending time with your children. Just as friendships need time to nurture and bond, the same is true for family relationships. Children cherish special time alone with a parent. These memories are happy ones because they recall times when a parent was totally in the moment and solely focused on being with the child, one on one. It is important for parents to carve out time for their children even if their own schedules are packed and frenzied.
  3. Never neglect three important words: Close families know the healing power of forgiveness. They often say these three words – either “Please forgive me” or “I forgive you.” They know that forgiveness has the power to warm the heart while cooling the sting. Within a family, forgiveness serves as a cleansing agent. It purges the family of anger, bitterness, hostility, animosity, grudge-bearing and lingering resentment. It is vital that parents set the family tone by extending and asking for forgiveness. Show that justice and mercy are your values and that you, too, are trying to learn to repent and forgive. When you make a mistake, lose your temper, fail to meet a responsibility that involves a child, and so forth, make an obvious point of apologizing to the child and asking his forgiveness.
  4. Establish and maintain family rituals: Rituals are the glue of family life. Today they play an ever-increasing role as family time together becomes more difficult in our complex and hectic society. Establish and maintain important rituals such as going out for lunch on Sunday afternoons, birthday celebrations, mother’s day, father’s day etc. this gives the entire family the chance to relax, laugh and talk about serious things on a light note.
  5. Be available: No matter how busy you are with your job and other responsibilities, let your children know you are always available to them. Close families operate on the understanding that members can call on each other or interrupt schedules when necessary.
  6. Teach your children to love and feel loved: Loving smiles, loving words, loving actions, loving thoughts, and loving gestures within a family create an emotionally healthy home where all the members express and experience closeness because of that love. Nothing is as important to a child’s feelings of self worth as the knowledge that he is unequivocally loved by the people who are important in his life. Many mistakes that we might make as parents can be overcome if our children have this knowledge. Love to a child is like sunshine to a flower, like water to a thirsty plant, like honey to a bee.
  7. Use words wisely: Try always to speak in ways which affirm and assure, not attack and abuse your children. How we speak to each other within families will either pull people together or push them apart. A positive word makes you feel good; a negative word leaves you feeling depressed and defeated.
  8. Praise your kids privately and publicly: A word of praise is verbal sunshine to the spirit. Just as we are drawn to people who shower us with compliments and praise, children are drawn closer to parents who are generous in praising them. Along with complimenting your children privately in the home, be sure to sing their praises publicly as well.

Do you know any more useful tips that’ll help moms stay connected with their kids, please share in the comment section.






source: True Love West Africa.

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