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A friend called me up the other day, she was so unhappy. I could tell from the sound of her voice that she was trying so hard to fight back tears. She complained about a lot of things, ranging from how she didn’t have a job to how her husband disrespects her and a bunch of other really sad stories.

When she was done, I was quiet for a couple of minutes, probably trying to process everything she had told me and then I responded with “don’t worry, be happy.”


“Be more prayerful but be happy”. I could literally imagine her facial expression when I said that. To some people,   that might have been the dumbest thing to say considering the situation, because from all indication, it seemed like there was nothing to be happy about. Truth is, there’s always something to be happy about, find it and magnify it. I got to learn the hard way, that being bitter or unhappy doesn’t solve any problem. In fact, it adds to it.


Most of us must have gone through things in our lives that almost broke us. Some of us might have been in situations we never thought we will come out of, alive‎. But here we are, reading this article and probably smiling (I hope).


Happiness comes from within, I’m not saying we shouldn’t look for solutions to our problems and go around pretending to be happy, like most of us do these days. Try to solve the problem and he happy whilst at it. Prayer is a very effective solution, try it.


Talk about the problem, confront it and most of all be happy. Here’s a quote from one of my favorite t-shirts. “Live like SpongeBob, laugh out loud all day without any reason and annoy all the mean people with your happiness”. As crazy as this might sound, it’s true. Errrrrm, maybe except for the “laugh out loud all day for no reason” part. Only SpongeBob can get away with that. (lol). If you try that very often, you might just be reading my next article from “yaba left” chained to a bed (chuckles), so scratch that, but I know you get the drift (winks). Don’t worry, be happy.





Written by: Yvonne Samayin

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