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Everyone’s eyes are different, that’s part of what makes us who we are. Whether you are a beginner, or just getting back to the basics, there are some foundational techniques to stick to in order to achieve the best eye makeup results…..


Eye Primer: To achieve the perfect looking eye shadow, you need to wear it on an eye primer. A good one will make your eye shadow appear more vivid, prevent creasing and keep your eye shadow from fading throughout the day.

Take a little and smudge it over the movable part of your eyelids, blend a little outwards but not deliberately putting it anywhere near your brow bone.


Eye shadows: A good one should have great texture and resolution and the colors must come out exactly as they look in the pallete.

Wearing only one shade of bright or light eye shadow opens up your eyes, while wearing dark shadows shorten the length of the eyes and creates depth.


Liquid Eyeliner: Line upper and lower lashes with black eyeliner. In most cases, liquid eyeliner is usually used on the top eyelid. However, a really dark pencil could work for both the upper and lower lids.


Mascara: Mascara enhances your eyes and gives it volume. It could darkening, lengthening or volumizing. Whichever look you want to achieve, mascara will sure boost your lashes to give an illusion of fuller longer lashes.



Like they say, the eyes are the windows to your soul, so do not limit yourself. Play around with colors and tweak things a little bit. Sure, there may be certain colors that are easier to pull off than others, but it’s more about making the colors work together.



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