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Q: My 4 year old daughter says a child at school keeps pinching her and calling her names. How do I deal with this in a responsible, adult manner?

A: it’s important for us parents to listen to our little ones when they tell us about being bullied or picked on so that problems don’t get overlooked and escalate. Even the littlest youngsters need the reassurance of seeing that their parents take them seriously and are willing to act on what they say and any issues they have.

Talk to her teachers and be open about your concerns. Perhaps the teachers haven’t witnessed anything, but now that you’ve mentioned it they can keep an eye out. Agree to review the how things are going in a week or two.

Give your little one some suggestions on how to act if she gets picked on, such as walking away and telling a teacher, so she doesn’t worry about what to do if it happens again. Build up her friendships outside of school with playmates you know are kind and friendly, and give her lots of hugs and reassurance.

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