So I realize I haven’t touched the subject of marriage since the inception of Winning Moms Diary. While I cannot exactly say I’m an authority on the subject, my years in marriage have thought me a few things, one of which I’m going to share here.

Most times, marriages that end in divorce don’t have major issues that lead to it. It can be little annoying things that add up over time. It’s like sweeping little irritants under the rug, until we no longer have room for the furniture. While we should never nag at our spouses, it is important to address (discuss) little recurring issues that bother us. These things are called little foxes. Time doesn’t make it better. In fact, time can build a cement wall over our spouses’ hearts; and we can’t figure out why they’ve become so cold towards us. What can the little foxes do to a marriage?

Little foxes can eat up the fruit of love in your marriage when you don’t continue in regular physical intimacy and affection towards each other. Sexual relationship in marriage is a gift from God, not just for the raising of Godly children but for the pleasure of sharing time with each other. Couples can meet each other’s needs in patience and kindness towards each other.

Little foxes can eat up the fruit of joy in your marriage when you don’t spend quantity and quality time together. It could be work, children, or ministry that keeps you so busy that you no longer have fun together. Couples can be intentional by establishing dates nights or mini-vacations to renew their affection for each other.

Little foxes can eat up the fruit of peace in your marriage when you don’t learn how to deal with conflict in love and respect. Many times when couples reach an impasse, they either blow up or bury their problems. Either way, it’s not a healthy response to an ongoing conflict. God has called us as believers to have an open heart towards living together in peace and dealing with our disagreements in the Lord.


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