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As much as we talk about being frugal, the undeniable truth is that one of the very best ways to gain control over your finances is to make more money. The best way to do that, hands down, is to create an extra revenue stream outside of your 9 to 5 grind. The trick is making it all work together, so that your day job doesn’t interfere with your side gig and vice versa.
Turning your hobbies into a business is a simple way to earn some extra cash. Let me give you a few very basic things you can earn money doing, no formal skill required.


Photography: Do you enjoy photography but you’re not a professional yet? There are lots of people who can’t afford professional photography for their events. Find them and offer your best service. They will be more than glad, and this puts extra cash in your pocket. A case in point is Mr Bayo Omoboriowo a graduate of University of Lagos who took photography to heart and now travels the world with President Buhari as his personal photographer.

Social media: Some people are social media junkies. They are just addicted. They visit the loo, take a bath, drive and even can’t resist the urge to look at their phones during a prayer session. They practically live on social media. This is an expensive addiction, because you spend more money buying data bundles/data plans and miss out on other valuable things that you could be doing. You might as well make money of it. There are many companies and celebrities who pay people to manage their social media accounts and contents. Approach them or position yourself to be approached and make some extra cash.

Children: Are you good with children? Do you just hit it off with them? Can you teach children particular subjects or instruments? Locate parents who need your service and offer it. You’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll get hired.

Language: How many languages do you speak? Are you fluent in your native dialect? Many Nigerian children are growing up without learning to speak their native dialects. In many cases, even the parents themselves don’t know how to speak the language. Some understand it but can’t speak fluently. In these cases, it’s impossible or difficult to teach their kids. Locate people like this and offer your service.

Shopping & Styling: Most women love to shop. I have a friend who’s always so happy being in the midst of new things, clothes, shoes, bags etc. It’s therapeutic for her. If you’re anything like her, you can shop for people. Some people are too busy to shop, others need styling; they have the money but don’t know the right things to buy. Locate such people and offer your service. Get to know your clients preferences and be professional about it.

Cooking: Now I don’t mean this on a large scale, but if you can handle it, why not! When I was in the bank, one of my bosses had a girl who used to cook for her. The girl receives money on Friday or Saturday, does the market runs and delivers cooked food on Sunday at the latest. (stew, soup etc.) Locate people like this and offer your service. In some cases they don’t mind you cooking in their homes.

Market Runs: I know so many women who dread market runs and would rather pay a small fee for it than do it themselves. Yours truly may be one of them. If you think you can handle it and you have some sellers in the market with whom you have developed relationships overtime, and are willing to give you favorable discounts, why not!!! Locate them and offer your service.

Make up: The makeup business can be a lucrative side gig. Most women don’t go for events or functions without getting professional make-up done. In fact it’s always great to know that you have someone close by who can quickly make you up for your event.

Consultancy: This covers practically all sectors and industries; it’s not a straight jacket enterprise. You can consult on anything. Whatever it is you’re knowledgeable about and have a wealth of experience on, in and over, seek out where your service will needed and offer it.

Gist: Hehehehehe, do you like to gist, gossip, tatafo? Oya now, start a blog. Give people gist about what’s happening in town. Bloggers are going for the kill and more so, gossips.


The list is endless.

Key points to note though; packaging is everything, develop a good sales pitch and ensure it’s something that can EASILY fit into your regular schedule.


If you have additional ideas to help women earn extra cash, or perhaps a contrary view, please share in the comment section.

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