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Can there be such a thing as a good argument? In marriage, we have two people who come from different backgrounds, have different personalities; there are bound to be disagreements and arguments every now and then.

Rather than the usual angry outburst that only promotes strife and unhappiness. Try these steps to shift your arguments into productive opportunities for discussion.

  1. Edit your anger. Couples who avoid saying every single angry thought while discussing touchy topics are consistently the happiest.
  2. Never raise your voice. The natural reaction when you raise your voice in a discussion is for your partner to shout back or completely shut his mind to whatever you’re trying to say. We all know how this usually ends; nothing achieved, issue unresolved. So be audible but don’t raise your voice.
  3. Repair and understand. Repair the situation before it gets out of hand by using humor or by making it clear that you’re sharing the responsibility.
  4. Take a break. If an argument gets too heated, take a break and agree to approach the topic again when you’re both calm. Say something like “Honey, I think we’re both hungry, lets discuss this again after dinner”. This would help reduce the tension and give you time to process your thoughts and articulate your point better.
  5. Know when to back down. Don’t continue fighting when you know you’re in the wrong. Be generous and be willing to say sorry.
  6. Focus on the bright side. In happy relationships, couples make at least five times as many positive statements to and about each other as opposed to negative ones.

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