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So it’s common knowledge that natural hair is trending these days, its very lovely when you see it especially the ones that are well taken care of. It looks like something that should work for a very busy woman (or so I thought). I recently watched Monalisa Chinda on Glam Squad, she currently has natural hair, its full and long, shinny and beautiful. When she was asked how she manages the hair, she confessed it isn’t easy. In her words, she said “I love it but the wahala o ti po ju”. Meaning, although it’s beautiful, it’s a lot of stress. I wondered why as I thought you just wash the hair, oil and comb it. But my dears, it takes a lot more than that. So if you’re considering it, here are things you need to know about being natural before you take the plunge.

It takes a lot more time

In the early stage when the length is still between 1-2inches, your styling routine can take mere minutes. But as the hair grows you find that cleansing, detangling and styling will take as long as it did when you relaxed your hair. That is if you do it the correct and gentle way. So the time you’d have saved not going to the salon, you’ll spend it detangling the hair yourself at home. So except you plan to stay in the TWA (teeny weeny afro) stage forever, long natural hair won’t necessarily save you time when caring for it.

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It may not be cheaper

If you are considering going natural because your purse is hurting from all the salon visits, being natural may not be cheaper. Instead of salon costs, you will now incurr product costs especially if you want to go organic. There’s usually a lot of trial and error in finding products and routines that work for your unique texture. Some women are disappointed and puzzled to discover that although their hair looks similar to someone else’s, that person’s choice of products and regimen doesn’t offer the same results. Also the longer your hair grows, the more products you’ll use each time you shampoo, condition and moisturize.

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It might not be workplace-acceptable

Not every organization would welcome afro-textured hair. If you work in a conservative environment, it might be considered extreme and inappropriate for the office. Most jobs have dress codes that frown at unnatural colors, dreadlocks and afro-textured hairdos. This might seem unfair as this is just hair allowed to grow from the head as-is, but it’s something to keep in mind when choosing a hairstyle or place to work.

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Your hair needs may change over time

As your hair gets longer it may require more moisture, deep conditioning and care. You may also find that your favorite products don’t seem as effective anymore, either due to increased thickness or change in color. A tweak in your product list and regimen will become necessary at this point to get you back on track.

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You can still have bad hair days

Natural hair is a lot of things but it’s not always perfect. There will be times when despite your best efforts and preparation, you won’t get the flawless hairdo you envisioned. Those YouTube vloggers who seem to whip a great style together in five minutes have probably practiced many times to achieve what looks effortless.

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Have you gone natural and have additional information to add? Or perhaps a contrary view, please share in the comments section.



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  1. chinwe says:

    I can relate with the workplace acceptability of natural hair, it all depends on the style you chose,for example dreadlocks with your natural hair is a no no in most corporate settings. Chose your hairstyles wisely if you work in a professional setting. I have joined the race as a naturalista and must confess it’s fun.

  2. Glory Ukporo says:

    I am rocking the teeny weeny afro currently & enjoying every minute of it. The shock on people’s faces that I cut my hair is an absolute delight. I’m looking forward to spending more time detangling my long long hair when it grows.

  3. Osi says:

    I love natural hair but Monalisa is right, the wahala is plenty! My sister’s hair is natural, I don’t think I can endure d stress she goes through trying to manage the hair.

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