I was having a conversation with a colleague ‎the other day, and i was like “hey my tailor makes really nice ankara tops and skirts, you can wear to work. And her response threw me off balance: “naaaah!!! I don’t wear ankara anywhere else, except on Sundays to church.” Wow! I had to pause and then pinch myself, just to be sure I didn’t go back in time to maybe 1990. The fact that someone still feels that way about ankara in 2016 overwhelmed me.

Ankara like any other fashion trend is taking over fashion. Gone are the days people just use ankara to make the conventional skirt and blouse to church or burials. Ankara these days, can be worn for almost every occasion, because it can be used to make almost any kind of outfit ranging from dinner gowns, tops, skirts and even suits. Personally, I am a huge fan of ankara, especially vintage ankara. This has our culture and identity written all over it. And I am very impressed with the way we’ve embraced it.

Another interesting part of the ankara trend is adding or making some fashion accessories with ankara. Like the ankara bags, shoes earrings etc. Even the guys are not left out in this trend; there are ankara shirts, ties and even sneakers. I personally advice that every lady should have at least one stylish ankara piece and no, I am not talking about the conventional ankara skirt and blouse u wear to church or burials. If you don’t have one please try and get one because, “ankara ti take over” in Olamide’s voice.








anakara pic 1

ankara pic 2

ankara pic 3








Written by: Yvonne Layefa Samayin.

photo credits: Yvonne Samayin, Google

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